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May 27, 2013

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Security services

Airport Facilities


In 2011, Phoenix airport had finished reconstruction of toilets in the terminal, which greatly alleviates passengers' difficulty of going to toilets. After the reconstruction, airport toilets will be more humanistic. Most of toilets are equipped with commodes and specific toilets for disabled people are available.

Domestic Terminal (11 sets):
1)Departure hall on the second floor: ear No.1 gate at the Departure hall、 Public security duty counter
2)The waiting hall two floor: No.11 to No.14 boarding gate: near the first-class lounge of China Southern Airlines.
No.6 to No.10 boarding gate: the opposite of No.6 boarding gate, near the airport first-class lounge.
n the First-class cabin of China Southern Airlines.
in the First-class cabin No.4 to No.5 boarding gate: near No.5 boarding gate
3)lounge on the first floor: No.15 to No.18 boarding gate: eastern remote bay lounge.
No.1 to No.3, A to C boarding gate: western remote bay lounge
4)baggage collecting hall on the first floor:at the opposite of baggage inquiry counter of China Southern Airlines
5)Welcome hall on the first floor
at the opposite of First-aid center. near left bag counter. near KFC International terminal (6 sets): At the left side of welcome hall, near the check-in counter, waiting area, first-class lounge, public security visa counter, baggage collecting area