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May 27, 2013

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Check-in service


Self Check-in

Self Check-in

Passengers hold e-tickets and have no check-in baggage could process check-in at the self check-in area in the terminal or the self check-in equipment of hotels in Sanya.

Check-in inside Airport: The self check-in area is located in the No.1 and No.2 gates of domestic departure hall. There are 8 sets of check-in equipment which can process check-in for all airlines except China Southern, ChongQing airlines and Spring airlines. The specific self check-in area is in the No.4 gate of domestic hall, which is available for processing check-in of China Southern, and ChongQing airlines.

Check-in outside Airport: The hotels providing self check-in service include Yalong bay horizon resort &spa, Yalong bay flowers valley Haiyue car rental company, Sanjin Holiday Hotel, Asia-Pacific International conference center, Sanya Yalong bay Pullman hotlel. If you need check in baggage, please go to the specific check-in counter in the terminal with your valid boarding pass and ID card.

self check in procedures:

1. Press “Enter”, scan your second-generation ID card/passport or enter your number manually, then press”next step”.

2. Select your trip, and press “next step”.

3. Select seats and enter frequency flyer number, select “print boarding pass”