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May 27, 2013

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  • Shanghai                                 
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Check-in service


Remote Check-in

Remote check-in procedures
  • 01

    Please login to Airlines' websites to access the self-service check-in function on the logged in page. Then enter your identification number, name, and choose the departure city;

  • 02

    Passenger information and the origination airport will be displayed. Only one flight route can be chosen at a time for check in. If check-in to more than one flight route is needed, please repeat the procedures above;

  • 03

    Confirm passenger travel information and flight route information, and then read the Agreement for Online Check-in Service and Civil Aviation Regulations Notice for passengers regarding lithium batteries in baggage;

  • 04

    Online check-in allows you to select seats of your choice. Input your frequent-flyer card number. Please carefully read applicable notices;

  • 05

    With successful remote check-in, a boarding pass will be displayed in two formats: a HTML-formatted webpage and in PDF. Choose a format by downloading it from the website and printing it after download.