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May 27, 2013

  • Beijing                                 
  • Shanghai                                 
  • Tianjin                                 
  • Shijiazhuang                                 
  • Beidaihe                                 
  • Harbin                                 
  • Weihai                                 
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  • Inner Mongolia



Security services

Airport Facilities

Internet & Tel

First class Internet service: First-class cabin of domestic terminal provides passengers with 6 all-in-one PC which can be connected to the Internet. First-class cabin of international terminal provides passengers with 2 computers, which offer passengers free Internet, entertainment and other services.

Internet kiosk: There are overall 5 Internet kiosks in domestic and international terminals of Phoenix airport, and installed 10 all-in-ons pc. The all-in-one computers in Internet kiosks implement touch-screen technology; provide Internet access, movie, games, music and other entertainment services so as to improve passengers' lounge experience.

Intensive intelligent terminal: Phoenix airport terminals installed 28 intensive intelligent terminals that provide passengers with free Tel, free Internet access, information search and other services.
Location of equipment: ·Phase I remote bay : 4
·Phase II remote bay:2
·International boarding gate: 4
·International arrival hall: 2
·No.1 gate on the second floor of domestic terminal: 4
·No.4 gate on the second floor of domestic terminal: 4
·No.8 boarding gate of domestic terminal: 44台
·No.13 boarding gate of domestic terminal: 4