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May 27, 2013

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VIP service

VIP Services

First-class Services

the domestic and internal first-class cabins of Sanya phoenix international airport are located in the domestic and international isolation area which are mainly providing lounges for first-class, various types of golden, silver card passengers and other high-end passengers, and providing humanistic, personalized quality service.

Domestic & International First- class service:
First-class service hotline:0898-88289606

Domestic & International First- class service:
1.  Passengers need to show first-class service card to staff members when entering first-class lounge for rest.
2.  After entering the first-class lounge, passengers can select beverages, coffee, pastries in self-service.
3.  Passengers can freely get and read newspapers of mainstream and a wide range of books and magazines.
4.  Remind and specific staff guide passengers to board according to the Airlines agreements.
5.  According to Airlines agreements, we provide pick-up and see-off service for remote bay passengers.
6.  Provide passengers with guideline and assistance during the whole procedures from entering first-class cabin to boarding.
Remark: non-first-class passengers use first-class cabin will be charged relevant fees, and the standard refers to Business VIP.
Customer hot line:0898-88289607