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May 27, 2013

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VIP service

VIP Services

Business VIP

Business VIP counter is located near the inquiry on the second floor of the terminal which is responsible for receiving passengers who use business VIP lounge and assist passengers to process check-in procedures. Lounges are located in the isolation area; Business VIP service is only available for domestic departure passengers.

Business VIP procedures of use:
1. If you need use Business VIP lounge, please go to the Business VIP counter of terminal at 90 minutes before the taking off time marked on flights tickets.
2. When you arrive at Business VIP counter, reception will assist you to process check-in procedures, and guide you pass security-screening channel (priority security – screening channel for First class), collect duty-free products, and send you to Business VIP lounges.
3. After entering the Business VIP lounge, passengers can select beverages, coffee, pastries in self-service.
4. When your flight opens to board, our service staff will remind you in time.
5. When boarding, you can go to the assigned boarding gate by yourself. If your flight is at the remote bay, you can request service staff to provide vehicles for boarding, but additional fees will be charged.
Business VIP services consult hotline:0898-88289607
Business VIP charge rate:¥100/person/hour(not including see-off by vehicles), if see-off service for remote bay is needed, additional ¥50/person