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May 27, 2013

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Luggage service


Checked Baggage

  • 01

    Requirement of baggage packing: Any baggage that is checked must be well packed, locked and properly fastened, and able to sustain typical pressure and normal loading and unloading during transport. And also checked baggage should satisfy the following conditions, otherwise, carriers could refuse to accept:
    Total weight of checked baggage should be no more than 50kg, The seize of each baggage should be no more than 40 x 60 x 100 cm. Baggage which is over the above regulations must get carrier's permission before processing check-in. The weight of carry-on baggage should be no more than 10 kg, and the size of each piece should be no more than 20 x 40 x 55 cm.

  • 02

    Little animal delivery : Little animal means cats, dogs or other animals fed by a family. Little animal delivery should comply with the following regulations:
    Passengers should notice the airport when booking or purchasing tickets and provide animal quarantine certificate. If passengers would take flights on the same with purchasing date, they must check in animals with the permission of carriers. Passengers should take their animals to the airport and process check in at the specific time assigned by carriers on the departure day.
    The container for animals should satisfy the following requirements:
    1.It can avoid little animal breaking, escaping, stretch out of the container to hurt passengers, baggage or goods.
    2.Keep the air flowing, not smother the little animal.
    3.It can prevent feces leaking from polluting the flight, device on flight or other products. Animals taken by passengers can be delivery in the cabin unless there is permission from carriers.

  • 03

    Free checked baggage limit: Weight limits for free checked baggage: First-class 40 kg; Business 30 kg; Economy 20 kg, Passengers holding an infant ticket have no allowance.Note:The above are general provisions and different Airlines may have their own standards.Please check your flight tickets for specific information.The above are general provisions and different Airlines may have their own standards. Please check your flight tickets for specific information.

  • 04

    Excess baggage: A fee apply for excess baggage and overweight items for domestic flights and is calculated at 1.5% of the price of an economy ticket (unit is Chinese Yuan, RMB).

  • 05

    Oversized and Unusual Baggage: Please inform your airline about any oversized or unusual baggage items well in advance of departure.