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May 27, 2013

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Freight services

Cargo Service

Pick-up Guide

Pick-up process

Receive the information when cargo arrived – provide identification or other documents – payment – waiting for the delivery cargo – inventory cargo – pick up cargo.

  • 01

    After the goods arrived at the destination station, the airport freight department, according to the consignee name, address listed on waybill, informs consignee with arrival notice or making a call to pick up cargo.

  • 02

    The consignee with introduction letter of working place, valid identity documents (Resident identification card, passport, and certificate of officers, soldiers, civilian military card, residence booklet and so on) go to the airport to process pick-up procedures.

  • 03

    If the consignee commissioned delivery, it is necessary to pick up with identify card or other valid identify document of assigned receiver or consignee.

  • 04

    The consignee should process customs, quarantine procedures before picking up cargo and pay relevant fees (like pick-up fee, storage fee etc.). The consignee picks up cargo and signs on airline waybill. If there is no objection, the cargo transportation will be treated as done according to transportation contract.