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May 27, 2013

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Freight services

Cargo Service


consignment process

Consignor to reserve the space – fill out the consignment note – receiving member inspect the cargo(including name, item and package) – weigh(weight and sign the name) – fill out the cargo transport note – put up the cargo label – pay the transportation costs – consignment done.

  • 01

    If you need process cargo consignment, please inquire flight and go to Cargo Center process consignment. Before cargo consignment, please fill out the shipper letter correctly. For different conditions of transport or different natures of cargo goods which cannot be delivered together, please fill out consignment note respectively.

  • 02

    The government formulate accompanied by valid documents on limit cargo to transportation and needs the relevant department approval.

  • 03

    It is prohibited hidden carry dangerous goods, valuables, money and negotiable.

  • 04

    Cargo package should be intact, light, and conforming transportation requirements. Cannot use straw bags or straw ropes.

  • 05

    The smallest volume of every cargo, length, width, height adds up not less than 40cm, the smallest edge not less than 5 cm.

  • 06

    Every cargo's weight more than 80kg, volume more than 40 x 60 x 100 cm is over restriction cargo. Consignor checking over limit cargo, must provide the detail volume and weight of cargo. Be checked after consent of the carrier, and according to carrier's regulation pay the surcharge.

  • 07

    Volume of 6000 cubic centimeters per kilogram belongs to light cargo. It is calculate per 6000 cubic centimeters equivalent to 1kg.