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May 27, 2013

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Freight services

Cargo Service

Cargo Service Contents

  • 01

    Airline cargo ground service Phoenix Airport inbound and outbound flights cargo provides: shipping space booking, packing, query, loading and unloading, container deveining assembly, warehousing and other services.

  • 02

    International and domestic flight cargo sales agency service International and domestic flight cargo sales agency service.

  • 03

    Flight cargo extended service Delivery, the short-haul transport of island, agency inspection, customs clearance, door pickup and so on.

  • 04

    Characteristic service According to the regional characteristics of Hainan, phoenix airport makes full use of various customer source and providing tropical fruits shopping service. The main tropical fruits on sales include mango, rambutan, pineapple, pitaya, litchi and so on.
    If you have needs, please go to the fruit service counter located in the arrival hall in the Domestic terminal to purchase fruits. Or you can call the shopping service hotline: 0898-88289419 to consult or book. At the same time, for your convenience of taking and checking in, wrapping service is available at the counter.