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May 27, 2013

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VIP service

VIP Services

VIP Terminal Services

New VIP terminal is located at about 1200 meter to the south of domestic terminal in Phoenix airport. Its gross area is about 13000 square meters which is a three-floor building and equipped with a private parking area. The VIP terminal is decorated with good tastes and has beautiful fountains, upscale furniture, 67 VIP lounges with different characteristics and a VIP restaurant. The VIP terminal provides passengers with a set of services include greeter, inquiry, guide, check-in, security check, baggage check-in/collect, and waiting& relax, and pick-up with special car, which makes passengers feel noble and convenient.

VIP ServicesTel:0898-88289181;0898-88289247(fax)

VIP terminal booking regulations: Organizations, which need to use VIP terminal service, please make a reservation at least 24 hours before the arrival or departure of flights. or inform the VIP terminal the VIPs' information(e.g. name, number of people, status(especially national VIP), flight number, needed time and other relevant contents) in writing or fax.(In the off-season, the booking time could be extended to four hours before the arrival or departure of flights.)

VIP terminal breakfast service

Scope of application: passengers who take departure flights departing before 9:00 am in the morning.

Breakfast type: steamed bun, steamed twisted roll, steamed stuffed bun, millet congee, salted vegetables, milk, dumplings, eggs;

Charge Standard:¥60 /person/time

Supply time: 06:00 to 09:00 am

Breakfast Standard:
A. One steamed bun, one steamed twisted roll, one steamed stuffed bun (in one dish); a bowl of millet congee or a cup of milk (Choose one of them), a dish of salted vegetables, one egg.
B. A portion of dumplings, a dish of salted vegetables, an egg.

⑴Lanzhou Zhongchuan airport VIP terminal only provides breakfast service to the passengers departing from VIP terminal.
⑵The latest time of making a telephone reservation is 20:30 of the day before the departure of your flights, and please informs VIP terminal the information about number of people and the arrival time.
⑶Partner organization can directly settle accounts with City ledger, and book the whole restaurant. Individual passengers should settle accounts on site, and overdue checking out is not available.

VIP Terminal Services price list
Items Customer types Rates Charge Standard
Price (Apr. – Sep.) Price (Oc. - the next Mar.) Price of special period(Big festivals, activity periods)
Use the hall
All customers
(20% off)
(10% off)
(full price)
Non-use the hall
All customers
Contents of service
1.Specific car access channel for VIP;
2.VIP parking lot 1 hour/batch;
3.Priority security-screening, boarding, and pick-up channel;
4.Private VIP boarding, car security, pick-up, and guide service;
5.Private shuttles for remote bay passengers;
6.VIP welcome and VIP lounge service;
7.Tea, fruits, pastries and beverage service;
8.Dedicated boarding and check-in service;
9.VIP baggage wrapping and collecting service.
Contents of service
1. It's free for three-year (inclusive) infants who follow their custodian, children who are under 12 years old (inclusive) will be charged at half-price.
2. If need to pick up or see off VIP passengers in the isolation area, isolation area pass must be processed strictly according to company's regulations, and service fee is charged at ¥200/person/time. People who pick up or see off passenger enter the VIP lounge and will be charged ¥100/person/time.
3. Consumption time will be counted from entering VIP lounge to leaving lounge and boarding. More than 90 minutes, passengers will be charged overtime fees. Less than 30 minutes, overtime fees will be charged at 50% of the standard rate. More than 30 minutes but less than 1 hour, the time will be counted as one hour. Overtime fee will not be charged because of flight delay.
4. When flights delay, VIP passengers will be arranged accommodations appropriately according to the ground agency agreements signed with Airlines.
5. Purchasing the right to use VIP lounge, the charge standard will be confirmed through the negotiation of parties to the agreement.
6. The inside of system (or group), government and military organs, enterprise and public institution use VIP lounges will be charged according to agreement signed by two sides.
7. VIP passengers request special services (e.g. providing external vehicles, foods, flowers, cartons, wrapping, and insurance) except the above service items will be charged additionally, the detail charge standard will be confirmed by negotiation.