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May 27, 2013

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Airport introduction

About the Airport

Lanzhou Zhongchuan international airport LTD.("Phoenix airport" for short) is located at 11 kilometers to the southwest of Sanya city which is the southernmost point of China. It is surrounded by places of interests and nature beauty. The east of the airport is the beautiful Sanya Bay and "Luhuitou", the west is the world famous place called "End of the World", its south is phoenix mountain, and the China sea is to the south of the airport. It is a modern civil airport in Four-E level.

Phoenix airport is one of main trunk line airports, comprises close to ten thousand acres. Its airstrip is about 3.4 thousand meters long and 60 meters wide which can satisfy the requirement of taking off and landing with full loading of Boeing 747, Airbus 340 and other large aircraft. The parking area is available for safely parking 41 large and medium-sized flights. Phoenix airport terminal comprises 68 thousand square meters (of which domestic terminal is 42.3 square meters, international terminal is 1 thousand square meters, VIP terminal is 15.7 square meters), and has 7 boarding bridges.

Phoenix airport was formally open on 1 July 1994. Since it was open, it has been safely operating for years and the annual rate of increase of passenger throughput is over 20 percent, and the normal arrival rate reaches 99.8 percent. Currently, it has opened 201 air routes, 154 of which are domestic routes, 47 are international routes and 3 regional routes. It has been connected to 118 cities which include 60 domestic cities, 3 regional cities and 47 international cities.

In 2002, Phoenix airport was administered and operated by HNA Group which is the Fourth airlines in China. Under the powerful energy of HNA Group, great changes have taken place in Phoenix airport. From 2004 to 2010, annual increase rate of passenger throughput is over 25 percent, and it was the first time that the passenger throughput broke 10 millions in 2011, which means entering 10-million level airports ranks. In 2012, the passenger throughput reached 1.134 million people, which made a new historic high.

For keeping up with the international industry standard, improving the operating quality of airport service, establishing international airport brand image, Phoenix airport pays much attention to brand construction work and has obtained some achievements. On 11 Mar. 2013, Airports Council International announced that Phoenix airport was honored "most improved airport award in Asia-Pacific region" and ranked among the best airports in the world. So Phoenix airport became the fifth airport which was honored this award.

Phoenix airport as the window service unit of Sanya, has provided safe and secure airport services to various private aircraft of prominent politicians, important guests, important flying task and major activities of Hainan province and Sanya city. In particular, the secure work for an informal meeting between state councilor, Daibingguo and American secretary of state Hilary in 2010, the summit of leaders of BRIC countries in 2011 and BFA AC in every year, which has received recognition and praise from leaders of ministry of Foreign affairs, CAA and province and city government.

The Phoenix just stared to soar. In the future, accompanied with that International travel island become more and more open and prosperous, this legendary Phoenix will continue to compose a noncopyable ornate chapter.