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May 27, 2013

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HNA airport introduction

Corporate Information

⑴ Introduce

HNA group is the third big domestic airport investment management group which owns overall 16 airports including Haikou Meilan International Airport, Lanzhou Zhonchuan airport, Dunhuang Mogao airport, Jiayuguan airport, Zhangye airport, Jinchang airport, Qingyang Xifeng airport, Weifang Nanyuan airport, Dongying Yongan airport, Yichang Sanxia airport, Manzhouli xijiao airport, Anqing Tianzhushan airport, Tangshan sannvhe airport, Yingkou lanqi airport, Jinzhou airport. Until the end of 2012, HNA airport's total assets is about 43 billion yuan, the income scale is about 5.5 billion yuan, passenger throughput is about 29 million yuan, flights take off and land more than 240 thousand times, and cargo throughput is around 380 thousand Ton.

⑵ Pattern value

HNA airport is focusing on becoming the best airport network integrated service provider that integrates airport investment and management, airport industry exploration, and airport professional manage output.

⑶ Development theories

HAN airport will follow core concept, pursuing industry standards, intelligent methodologies, further internalization and green growth, fully push and improve enterprise management standard, establish proprietary intellectual property rights and management model which conforms industry manage output tendency.