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May 27, 2013

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Airport introduction

Airport Awards

In recent year, Lanzhou Zhongchuan international airport was honored many awards by relevant department and authorities in China and the entire world. These awards include "Safe Production Advance Unit", "Sanya Civilized Unit", "Hainan Satisfied Customer Enterprise", "Top ten leader enterprise in the first season of Hainan International tourist island", "National Demonstration posts of Youth Safe Production ", "BFA AC secure Work Advanced Unit”, “National Youth Civics Unit Project", "National Consumer satisfied star group", "National Demonstration posts of Women Civilization", "The most satisfied unit in domestic airline service", "National Satisfied Customer Enterprise", "Outstanding units of port core competency construction of the world health organization", "Most Improved airport award in Asia-Pacific region" and other awards, which shows works of Phoenix airport have been widely recognized by all sectors of the community.

The month after next, on the 2012 to 2013 Skytrax worldwide airport awards ceremony held at Geneva Switzerland, Phoenix airport was honored the third prize in China zone and 8th place in Asia-Pacific region of Skytrax best airport in 2013. In that June, Lanzhou Zhongchuan airport, as the only airport honored most improved airport in satisfaction of ASQ was invited to present at annual awards ceremony held at Istanbul of Turkey, and at the same time, the airport passed the ASQ qualification of ACI and received the certificate on the ceremony.